Radio La Colifata – A groundbreaking experience from Buenos Aires

colifataRadio La Colifata – a slang word for crazy, has been on air from Hospital Jose Borda in Buenos Aires every Saturday afternoon for 23 years – to confront the stigma around mental illness, breaking through the wall in AM, FM and now online. Continue reading “Radio La Colifata – A groundbreaking experience from Buenos Aires”

Supported Decision Making in Bulgaria

160315_Idecide=IamSupported Decision Making is a collection of support mechanisms which allow persons in need, to exercise their rights, according to their choice, will and preferences.

Supported Decision Making applies during defined periods of time to specific areas of life, for which a person may have difficulties to cope all alone. It is a key instrument for agency and empowerment, and a safeguard mechanism against subjugation. Continue reading “Supported Decision Making in Bulgaria”

“QuindiciPercento”: Photographs of human diversity

christian-tasso-foto-thumbPhotographer Christian Tasso started the project QuindiciPercento (Fifteen percent) while in Saharawi refugee camps, documenting the situation of refugees with disabilities for an NGO. Soon, he realized that there were other stories to tell: “The people I met have shown me that one leg is enough to live a plentiful life, that sense does not exist and if it does, it is better to lose it, that an earthquake can take away everything but not dignity.” Continue reading ““QuindiciPercento”: Photographs of human diversity”

The Chaeli Campaign: Mobilizing minds and bodies of children with disabilities in South Africa.


The Chaeli Campaign believes that Disability is created by the way in which society responds to the impairment. The Campaign benefits children with disabilities across southern Africa, providing assisting devices and access to school. Through the leadership of its co-founder Chaeli Mycroft, the campaign has inspired persons with disabilities around the world.  Continue reading “The Chaeli Campaign: Mobilizing minds and bodies of children with disabilities in South Africa.”

My name is Faith – the girl with the scars.

161003_Idecide=Iam_Peru_printHello! My name is Faith. I do not remember my family name. But if I could choose a new one, it would have been Faith Filipova (in translation from Greek – “the faith that loves horses”).

This text is a compilation of true facts, events and personal stories of participants of the Next Step Program, implemented by Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL) and partners.

Continue reading “My name is Faith – the girl with the scars.”

Next Step: Challenging guardianship laws in Bulgaria

under-guardianshipRussy was diagnosed with mental disorders. Varbinka with intellectual disabilities. Both of them have been stripped of their basic rights, and spent much of their lives institutionalized under Bulgaria’s guardianship laws. With the support of the Bulgarian Centre for not-for-profit Law (BCNL), they challenged the Bulgarian State to get their rights back. Produced by  Bulgarian National Television, the documentary Under Guardianship tells their story…

Scope: end the awkward!

awkwardThrough their End the awkward video series, Scope work for disabled people in the UK to have the same opportunities as everyone else. They provide support, information and advice to more than a quarter of a million disabled people and their families every year. They raise awareness of the issues that matter. Find out more about their work here: